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Boxfit – Taking your Training Outside

Recent events have forced so many changes to our usual way of life, exercise being something that many of us have had to change, especially if you were an avid gym lover.

But these changes aren’t always a bad thing, in fact here at Boxfit, we have embraced the changes and taken everything outdoors. Yes, the Great British weather can be unkind to us sometimes, but that doesn’t have to stop us from getting out there and exercising.

Getting outdoors is great for social distancing, but there are other benefits to taking your exercise outdoors, like boosting your vitamin D intake, which can help to reduce anxiety or depression, among other things. And don’t forget, using outside space doesn’t cost you a penny! Alongside outdoor personal training and group sessions, we have taken our circuit classes outdoors as well.

So let’s address the negative thoughts you may be having…

But will I get the same sort of workout outdoors as I would inside?

I choose locations based on the exercises needed for your specific needs. In my single/group personal training sessions I tailor everything to your needs, I have equipment in the back of my van that we can use anywhere so we literally can bring the gym outdoors whether it’s a full body workout you want from cardio to strength training.

What about the Weather?

We train outside all year round and simply factor this into our training schedules, for example, if it’s a really cold day there won’t be long periods of inactivity and we would recommend wearing warmer fitness gear.

In outdoor classes when demonstrating exercises, you will be constantly moving while watching demonstrations, and we include exercises that can help to increase the circulation to your fingers and toes.

In the heat, we remind you to wear sun cream and bring plenty of water and will always aim to have locations with shady areas for you.

What about health and safety?

Rest assured that I am fully insured and covered as a personal trainer and instructor, so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that I am covered should any accidents happen. I also have adjusted things to cater for Covid safety as well, so social distancing is in place, all equipment used is cleaned after every use and we now have a website and app to for bookings and payments, to manage numbers and reduce cash handling.

In Conclusion

Lockdowns have given Boxfit members a new lease of life when it comes to training outdoors. Clients are loving getting out there and keeping fit and healthy whatever the weather and the new equipment I have been investing in has been very well received and is helping to provide a new dimension to outdoors exercise.

I’m not saying that gyms are bad, or you shouldn’t go back to the gym, as there are many benefits to training in the gym, and when things are safe again, I’m sure that I will be taking clients back into gyms when needed.

But people often think that a gym is the only place for exercising and that is just not the case, with the right portable equipment and a professional present to keep you safe, nature can provide you with everything you need to have a full body exercise, whatever your training requirements!

If you’re interested in one on one, group sessions or classes outdoors, or would like more information on the equipment I can offer for outdoor training, please feel free to get in touch. I look forward to seeing you all out there training and making the most of the wonderful natural resources around us.

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