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About Boxfit

Get to know the man behind Boxfit

Dave Coard found his passion for exercise as a young teenager when he started to take part in amateur boxing.  As he grew up, he trained and became a qualified Boxing Coach and created his own local boxing club. As his interest in fitness grew, he found a love for other forms of exercise which he wanted to incorporate into one training session for people of all levels, this is how Boxfit was born. 


Boxfit started in 1997 as a circuit class for all levels, which mixes standard exercises with the key training exercises that boxers have to carry out in order to maintain their fitness and dexterity in the ring. These circuit classes are the foundation of Boxfit and continue to be held twice a week for all those that have come to love its uniqueness and community spirit. 


As Boxfit grew and became more popular locally, interest for personal 1-2-1 training sessions with Dave increased. So he began to train and gain the qualifications required to provide Personal Training to his growing Boxfit community. 


After successfully expanding into Personal Training, Dave began to find a growing love for triathlons. He started out competing personally in Duathlons and sprint Triathlons, he then moved on to take on the half Ironman and eventually he completed 3 full Ironman events globally. This new found love for such a diverse sport encouraged Dave to get Boxfit registered with the British Triathlon Federation, to enable Boxfit Tri to be born. 


Today Boxfit is well known locally for the wide range of fitness services it can provide, from basic weekly circuit classes, to personal training to obtain a personal goal, or fully qualified Triathlon coaching in groups or 1-2-1. 


To find out how Boxfit can help you with your fitness goals contact us now.  

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