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Boxfit Great 10 Mile Run - Race Results

These crazy times have affected all of us in a number of different ways, but the Boxfit crew have been trying to find ways of safely helping people to continue to get together and keep fit and healthy. There are two main purposes to Boxfit, keeping fit is the obvious one, but also mental health, which is just as crucial. It's a way of meeting people and socialising, Boxfit has become a family unit of characters from all different walks life, who maybe wouldn't normally have met or socialised in other circumstances.

It is for these reasons that our leader, Boxfit Dave, was up early hours on a dark, cold October Saturday morning, while everyone's tucked up cosy in their beds, putting up signs, sprinkling flour arrows and getting things prepared for our 10 Mile Runners to begin their races bright and early at 8am.

At 7.45am our runners were limbering up and getting ready for their 10 mile challenge. 8am sharp the first group were set off to begin their race, followed shortly afterwards by the second group.

Our volunteer marshalls were all briefed and waiting at their stations to help cheer participants on and make sure they stayed on course and were all safe and well. These races wouldn't be able to go ahead without our amazing, kind hearted Boxfit volunteers and supporters. A big thank you must go out to our volunteers for this event, Deborah, Debbie, Barbora, Valerie, Mario, Caroline, Nicola, Amanda and Chris, plus a special little shout out to our two smallest volunteers Caitlyn and Bradley.

Our first runners came in at a smashing 1:08:16, well done Phil and Fergie, great running! Both were followed shortly behind by Ross at 1:10:40. We also wanted to say well done to Martin Ball who achieved a PB in under 2 hours, superb effort. It was great to also see some of our faster runners going back to support and help other runners along, you were all showing the true team spirit that we really do pride ourselves in here at Boxfit.

Every single one of you did an amazing job and should be incredibly proud, it's great to see you all getting out there and pushing yourselves to the limit. All race times have been added in the below table for you all to see.

We can't wait to get another race organised for you soon, who knows maybe some more of you will be sneaking in a PB! Good times are ahead guys, keep going, incredibly proud of you all.

Great little video of the morning created by Boxfit volunteer Barbora.

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