CHARITY CHALLENGE: 100 Miles in Just 1 Week!!

Covid-19 has taken a massive toll on many charities, including one of our local charity’s Keech Hospice. With this in mind I decided to try to help by setting myself a massive challenge to raise some much-needed cash for the amazing work that they do at Keech, why not run 100 miles in a week! 

100 miles over 7 days, that works out as roughly 15 miles (24k) each day, every day for a whole week! I started to question my sanity the more I thought about it, but then 100 miles is nothing in comparison to what the people who need Keech’s help go through, so with a fundraising target of £500, I got up Monday morning and started running. 

And We're Off

The beginning of the week started great, the weather was fair, I had a few Boxfitters come and join me on day 2 for a nice run, which always helps when you have company. (Thank you Sarah and Sarah!) Day 3 I decided to split my run into two, so did a 6-mile run in the morning and then outdoor swimming near the Danish Camp and back out for another run in the afternoon to keep the mileage up.

Day 4, the weather turned on me! Torrential rain, thunder and lightning arrived, but I had committed and so I continued, but I can’t lie it was a tough one!

On day 6, Danny offered to come and support me on my run, which really helped to pep me back up again, as the legs were starting to tire after 5 days of solid running! The end was in sight and the weather had started to pick back up again.

Challenge Completed!

On Day 7 I got up nice and early for my final run of my 100 mile challenge. Boxfit members Terry and Liam both came out to join and support me in my last day. Although it was a drizzly morning, the weather overall wasn’t too bad and so, as we came to our last mile we headed towards the A6 to finish at the Keech Hospice. I had a nice surprise waiting for me as a few Boxfit members were waiting there to cheer me in as I finished.

I am incredibly pleased to have completed 100 miles in just 1 week, this challenge was an ambitious one, but with determination and some support from my Boxfit family I made it and smashed my fundraising target!

Thank You!

No matter what challenge any Boxfit member takes on, everybody is there to encourage and support eachother through it, this is why I started Boxfit and this is why I will continue, because of the amazing people that are a part of it. Thank you to all those who have supported me and to all those who have also donated, we are now at £675 and climbing!

It’s not too late to donate, if you would like to contribute please visit

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